The Ephesus church is a group of Christians serving God in Athens, Alabama.  Our purpose is to simply be Christians like those we read about in the New Testament.  Please explore our website to learn more about us, listen to free sermons, read devotional articles, and see our schedule of services.  You are invited to visit our services whenever you have the opportunity.  You will be our honored guest.  

News & Announcements

New Lesson on Hebrews

Robert Fudge will be presenting a lesson from the book of Hebrews Wednesday evening.  The video should be available around 7:00PM CDT.  The link will be posted here when it's available. 

Learning from Elijah

New Sermon for April 5, 2020 Evening Service

By Robert Fudge

Together in Christ

New Sermon for April 5, 2020

By Matt Lannom

NOTE:  Prayers and scriptures for taking the Lord's Supper follow Matt's sermon.

Lessons From Joseph

New Lesson by Robert Fudge

Wednesday, April 1, 2020