Our Worship

Our Worship

Whether you are visiting the area, looking for a new church home, or have never attended a church before, please consider visiting one of our worship services.  When you visit, you will be our honored guest.  Sit anywhere you wish in our auditorium – there are no assigned seats.  As our guest, you will not be singled out to stand to be recognized or asked to perform any duties during the service.  Likewise, you are not expected to contribute money to our offering - that is our members' responsibility.

When you visit, please be sure to stay a few minutes after the service so we can meet you and invite you back.  Please feel free to ask questions regarding what we do in worship, what we teach, or any other concerns you may have.


What to expect when visiting our worship services:

We seek to worship God as the early Christians did during New Testament times.  It is the goal of our worship to glorify God in all we do.  Based on the example found in the New Testament, we:

SING:  We sing without instruments, as described in Ephesians 5:19.  This singing serves to praise God as well as encourage and build up each other.

PRAY:  We pray together in the name of Jesus our Savior (Acts 12:5).  Men of the congregation lead the assembly in prayer at various times during the service.

STUDY:  We study from God’s word in age-appropriate Bible classes.   We hear God’s word preached to us by one of our ministers or by guest speakers (Acts 20:17-21).  God’s word, as revealed in the Bible, is the focus of our study and worship. 

REMEMBER:  We take the Lord’s Supper each Sunday (Acts 20:7) to remember the Lord’s death and resurrection until he comes again (I Corinthians 11:23-26).

GIVE:  We take up an offering or collection to fund the work at Ephesus as found in I Corinthians 16:1-2.  Again, we do not ask visitors to contribute to our work.


Schedule of Services
Sunday Morning 10:00am Bible Study (Classes) We have classes for all ages.  Classrooms are marked by age or grade level.  An adult class is also held in the auditorium.  Please ask someone for assistance if you need help finding a class for you or your child.
Sunday Morning 10:55am Worship During this service, we sing, pray, and listen to preaching from God’s word.  We also take the Lord’s Supper and make an offering for the work of the church.  An invitation song is sung to encourage those who need to obey the gospel to come forward and be baptized. 
Sunday Evening 5:00pm

Worship / 


(1st Sunday Evening of Each Month)

Similar to the morning worship, we sing, pray, listen to preaching from God’s word, and offer an invitation to obey the gospel.  We also offer the Lord’s Supper for those who did not have an opportunity to take it during the morning service.

On the first Sunday evening of each month we spend the entire service singing.

Wednesday Evening 7:00pm Mid-Week Bible Study This hour of study begins with Bible classes for all ages.  After class, everyone assembles in the auditorium to sing songs, pray, and hear a short invitation to obey the gospel.