Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 136:10-15

Ps 136:10-15

to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt His love endures forever. and brought Israel out from among them His love endures forever. with a mighty hand and outstretched arm; His love endures forever. to him who divided the Red Sea asunder His love endures forever. and brought Israel through the midst of it, His love endures forever. but swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea; His love endures forever.

Acts 7:35-36

"This is the same Moses whom they had rejected with the words, 'Who made you ruler and judge?' He was sent to be their ruler and deliverer by God himself, through the angel who appeared to him in the bush. He led them out of Egypt and did wonders and miraculous signs in Egypt, at the Red Sea and for forty years in the desert.

With miracles and signs, Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, delivering them from their bondage and slavery. They came out victorious, with wealth and with the army of Egypt defeated by God. The water of the Red Sea parted and walking across on dry ground, the whole multitude left their old lives behind.

When we enter into Christ, we go through the water as we are buried with him, and we leave our old lives behind as we become a new person in him. As a child of God, our desire is to live for him and to be like Jesus in every way. To help us with this change, we fill our minds with his word and we open our hearts to his Spirit to mold us into his image. The result (the fruit) of the Spirit living in us gradually becomes obvious to all who know us as the works of the flesh die out in us.

Life is not always easy. We have problems. Being a Christian may even increase our problems instead of taking them away. But we have a Savior who will walk with us and hold our hand as we face each new trial, each problem, and each difficult moment. Sometimes he will calm the storm. At other times he just protects us as we go through it. But each storm builds our faith. Each trial that we overcome will make us stronger. This prepares us to help others escape the slavery of sin, and to be strong in the midst of their storms. Genuine faith can be contagious.

O Lord God, thank you for all of the people that you have put in my life over the years. Thank you for the good memories. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me through my association with them. Thank you for the strength they have shown to me and the examples of faith in the midst of storms. Use me in the life of others to be a beacon and a source of strength and encouragement. Be with those who are hurting, struggling, and grieving, and give them your strength and your peace as they trust in you. I humbly pray I the name of Jesus.