Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 147:7-14

Ps 147:7-14

7 Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp. 8 He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills. 9 He provides food for the cattle and for the young ravens when they call. 10 His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man; 11 the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. 12 Extol the LORD, O Jerusalem; praise your God, O Zion, 13 for he strengthens the bars of your gates and blesses your people within you. 14 He grants peace to your borders and satisfies you with the finest of wheat.

Eph 5:18-20

18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. 19 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, 20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When Balaam went to curse the children of Israel he faced all kinds of problems and after beating his donkey and blaming it for his trouble, he discovered that it was God who was behind it all. God told him what to do. God warned him when he did not listen. God allowed him to go his own way and do his own will.

How many times has God warned us? How many times has he hindered us from doing something foolish? How often does he get in our way but we do not listen or change our course? We have no way of knowing when he is flooding us with blessings in disguise or when he is opening doors of opportunity for us.

When we truly trust him and we really seek to know him and do his will, we find that he is always near to us and is taking care of us. If we only knew what all is going on behind the scenes, we would be so much more thankful to God and we would honor him in so many more ways. Some of the worst things (or so it seemed at the time) that have happened to me have turned out to be some of the greatest blessings in my life. Doors slammed shut have given me some of the most productive and rewarding opportunities. This is why we are to live by faith and not by sight. Like Balaam, we may not see the angel in our way.

Heavenly Father I am so thankful for your infinite wisdom and for your constant care for me. Thank you for all the times you have protected me from evil and have given me so much more than I deserve. Give me wisdom from above and strength from your Spirit so I will honor you in everything I say and do. Forgive me when I fail to be all you want me to be. Help me focus on you, on Jesus and on the things above. Use me to do your will, in your way and in your time. Help me be kind and tenderhearted to others. I pray in the name of Jesus my Lord.