Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 52:1-5

Ps 52:1-5

1 Why do you boast of evil, you mighty man? Why do you boast all day long, you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God? 2 Your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor, you who practice deceit. 3 You love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than speaking the truth. Selah 4 You love every harmful word, O you deceitful tongue! 5 Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin: He will snatch you up and tear you from your tent; he will uproot you from the land of the living.


2 Tim 4:14-15, 18

14 Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm. The Lord will repay him for what he has done. 15 You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message.

18 The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.


Sometimes life is not fair. There are those who should be our friends and helping us but instead, they are working against us. Relationships with those we love are broken and we feel we have been betrayed. Those we have treated kindly are now seeking our harm. Where do we turn, what do we do?


David turned to God and trusted in him. By faith in God, Paul was delivered from his enemies. Jesus was betrayed and prayed to God for strength. What we have to see is that the ultimate goal is not deliverance in this world but the heavenly kingdom which has been prepared for us and is eternal.


Satan is prince of this world. He controls so much more than we often give him credit for doing. It is true that God has ultimate control and Satan only does what he is allowed, but while he may be on a leash, he has plenty of room to roam and to lead us astray. Peter says that he is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We are in a spiritual battle but remember that the devil does not fight fair. This is the reason bad things happen to good people, why children face diseases, why terrible accidents happen and why evil prevails all around us.


Heavenly Father, I stand in awe of your greatness, your majesty, your power and your unlimited wisdom. It is beyond my ability to fathom your ability to know all things, and to know even before it takes place. My mind does not comprehend the absence of time or space and yet you are shackled by neither. How can a God who is so great, know me, care about me and even love me? Yet, you do. Thank you for your great love. Increase my faith to trust you all the time; when things are going badly and seem unfair, but also when everything is good and seems to be going my way. Give me a servant heart like Jesus. In his name I humbly pray.