Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 111:6-10

Ps 111:6-10

6 He has shown his people the power of his works, giving them the lands of other nations. 7 The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy. 8 They are steadfast for ever and ever, done in faithfulness and uprightness. 9 He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant forever--holy and awesome is his name. 10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.

2 Peter 3:8-10

8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

We serve a wonderful God. There are so many in the world who serve false gods who are mean, vengeful and determined to find reason to destroy them. They live in constant fear because of what the gods might do to them. Every tragedy, sickness and hardship is blamed on the gods they serve. Many others worship gods who must be pleased with good works. These live in constant fear that their works may not be good enough. None of these false religions have a means of true forgiveness or offer mercy because none is based on a God of love.

God does not want us to perish. He has proven this by sending his Son to die for our sin. This allows him to be just because our sin is being punished with death. At the same time it allows him to be our justifier because it offers forgiveness which makes us right with him. Jesus, who knew no sin, is made to be sin for us and we, who are far from righteous, are made to be the righteousness of God in him. By the offering of the just for the unjust, we see love and experience his grace.

To make all of this even more wonderful, it is revealed to us in his word. All we need for eternal life and godliness (now) is given in his revelation. God has shown us his mind in word and action both as Jesus has shown it to us in his life.

My Father in heaven, I am so thankful for your revelation of your gospel. I know I need to study your word more and apply it better. Give me greater determination to spend time with you in your word and in prayer. I need your wisdom to know how to apply it both in my own life and in my teaching others. Help me be the example I should be to lead others to you. Forgive me when I fail. Open my mind to your greatness, your majesty and splendor. Help me keep my eyes focused on you and the things above where Jesus is seated at your right hand. Fill me with your love and your power so I can live for you. I pray in the name of Jesus.