Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 99:1-5

Ps 99:1-5

1 The LORD reigns, let the nations tremble; he sits enthroned between the cherubim, let the earth shake. 2 Great is the LORD in Zion; he is exalted over all the nations. 3 Let them praise your great and awesome name--he is holy. 4 The King is mighty, he loves justice--you have established equity; in Jacob you have done what is just and right. 5 Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy.

2 Tim 2:11-13

11 Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him; 12 if we endure, we will also reign with him. If we disown him, he will also disown us; 13 if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself.

We live in a world of change. It seems that everything is in a constant state of change. Our bodies change with time. Our relationships change as we make new friends and old ones move on or pass away. Our families grow older and new family members come along. There is social change along with political and even religious change. Some change is good and some is not.

But God does not change. He is forever the same in his existence, in his nature, in his morals and in his majesty. What he declared as truth in the past will be truth in the future. What was right is still right and what was wrong is still wrong. So as we see ourselves either closer to God or farther from him, it is we who have changed and not God. Even if we are faithless and deny him, he still is and always will be. So we can trust that if we die with him we will also live with him.

God is often referred to as our rock and our fortress. He is our constant and all of us need this in our lives. When the turmoil of life brings change all around us, we can go to God and know that he is the same and is our anchor. So to our God we give thanks and we offer our praise. He alone is God over all the earth. God is light and when we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship with each other and the blood of Jesus continues to cleanse our sins. This is why we focus our eyes on Jesus and the things above where he is ever at the throne of God.

Thank you God for your constant love for me and your eternal plan to make me your child. Thank you for the redemption you offer in Jesus and I ask you to give me a pure heart and a devoted spirit to live for you and serve you in every way that I can. Help me always bring glory and honor to your name by the things I do and say. Forgive me when I fail to live up to your glory. Lord God, I ask you to be with our national and local leaders in this country. Guide them so that we can live in peace and your name will be honored. I pray in the name of Jesus.