The Ephesus church is a group of Christians serving God in Athens, Alabama.  Our purpose is to simply be Christians like those we read about in the New Testament.  Please explore our website to learn more about us, listen to free sermons, read devotional articles, and see our schedule of services.  You are invited to visit our services whenever you have the opportunity.  You will be our honored guest.  

News & Announcements

Services for June 6-9, 2021

All times CDT.

Vacation Bible School - June 20-23, 2021

Our Vacation Bible School this year will be held June 20 through June 23, 2021.  This will be the final year of a 5 year VBS series based on the life of Jesus.  The series is entitled "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," and the theme for Year 5 is "His Final Week."  There will be classes for all ages, including an adult class, so all are welcomed to come and study with us.  

VBS Schedule

June 20


Jesus Enters Jerusalem

(worship service with preaching will follow at 11:00am)

June 205:00pm  

The Last Supper

June 217:00pm   

The Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus is Arrested

June 227:00pm  

Jesus is Put on Trial and Crucified

June 23   


Jesus is Risen and Returns Back to Heaven

Workbooks for Sunday Morning Class on Ephesians

To download a copy of the workbooks for our Sunday morning auditorium class, please click the links below.

Workbook on Ephesians, Chapters 1-3

Workbook on Ephesians, Chapters 4-6

Workbook for Wednesday Evening Class on Jeremiah

To download a copy of the workbook for our Wednesday Evening Class on Jeremiah and Lamentations, click the link below.

Jeremiah by Sybil Fudge Dewhirst

Upcoming Events

  1. Sun AM Bible Study
    Sunday, June 13th, 202110:00am
  2. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, June 13th, 202110:55am
  3. Sun PM Worship
    Sunday, June 13th, 20215:00pm
  4. Wed PM Bible Study
    Wednesday, June 16th, 20217:00pm
  5. Sun AM Bible Study
    Sunday, June 20th, 202110:00am