Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotional: Psalms 106:19-23

Psalms 106:19-23

19 At Horeb they made a calf and worshiped an idol cast from metal. 20 They exchanged their Glory for an image of a bull, which eats grass. 21 They forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt, 22 miracles in the land of Ham and awesome deeds by the Red Sea. 23 So he said he would destroy them--had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him to keep his wrath from destroying them.

Moses – what a man! He went from the king’s son (maybe even next in line to the throne) to being a fugitive shepherd on the hillsides of a foreign country. At the age of forty he was ambitious and proud and thought he was ready to deliver his Hebrew brothers from their bondage but God had a plan to humble him. At the age of eighty he had been a shepherd for forty years, was old, tired and wanted to be left alone but God had plans for him. That is when his life really started.

O, he did not go along with God’s plan easily. In fact, it was not until God got aggravated at him that he finally agreed to go along. He made all kinds of excuses for not doing what God wanted him to do. He offered every objection that he could think of but God just kept urging until he agreed.

While most of us will not form or lead a nation of people, God has a plan for us if we are willing to go along him. The problem with God’s plans is that he has to get us ready first. As with Joseph and then Moses in Egypt, this may not be pleasant and may cover what we consider to be most of our lives. The training may use up what we consider to be our best years so we think they are wasted.

God may use to be good parents who will raise children to carry out his plan. This is what happened to the parents of Moses. He may use us to be encouragers like Barnabas in the book of Acts. The point is that whatever our age, wherever we live and no matter how diverse our background, we can humbly do the will of God by living for him. This means we are filled with his love and compassion for others so we do all we can for their good. If we can help one person come to Christ or remain faithful to him, our life has been a tremendous success!

Heavenly Father, use me in your will. Give me wisdom to see your plan and be willing to walk into any door you open for me. Help me forget my age and keep me from making excuses for why I cannot do your will. I thank you for the nation in which I live. I thank you for the freedoms that I too often take for granted. Be with those in other countries that are seeking to serve you without the freedoms that I enjoy and without the many luxuries that seem to come so easily to me. Use me to help encourage them. I thank you for their faith and I pray that if the time comes, my faith will be as strong as theirs. I pray in the name of Jesus.